Dayglo Red describes his musical style as AMERICAN REGGAE . When asked about it, Dayglo Red responded :I was experimenting in my recording studio, putting Reggae grooves to a lot of different types of songs. A friend of mine put me in contact with a London based company . They became interested in me as an artist and sent me all different kinds of international Reggae songs. I studied these songs, and soon I began to write and record my style of Reggae. The record company liked my songs and grooves, but wanted me to sing with a Jamaican accent. I said I was an American and would always sound like one. Thus the term AMERICAN REGGAE was originated .



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Publishing - Dayglo Red Music, BMI

Dayglo Red Music, BMI, is the publishing company of Singer/Songwriter, Ken Franzetta and his American Reggae alter ego, Dayglo Red. Ken began writing songs and playing in local bands as a teenager and has never stopped. His catalog includes many different styles of music.

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Dayglo Red and his long time friend , co-writer, and bandmate, Darrell Clanton, perform together as "THE TIKI TOWN BOYS".  Having worked together off and on, in the recording studio and on stage, for many years, they are a natural together. Dayglo Red also has played Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro, and Electric Guitar on many of Darrell Clanton"s,  Trop Rock Hit Songs.


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